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Will Those Living Close to 5G Towers get Cancer?

5G Towers

Alex Jones, the creator of InfoWars, claims that those who live in close proximity to 5G towers would all eventually get cancer.

This is what will occur if they proceed with the next stage of their strategy. Also, when they activate this 5G, the cancer rates in the areas where it’s used will skyrocket in a couple of months. During the latest episode of “The Alex Jones Show,” the presenter said, “We already have the research dating back to the various earlier formats being utilized for communications.”

What’s more, it’s crucial to realize that each of these platforms may serve several purposes. All of these technologies, including 5G, are modulatable, and despite their usefulness for communication, they’ve been shown to significantly increase the risk of cancer.

As Jones pointed out, this is an “accepted truth,” and there are substantial studies demonstrating that 5G is considerably more carcinogenic than prior generations.

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Currently, 6G and 7G are being released by the Chinese.

The creator of InfoWars claimed that the Chinese communists (aka Chicoms) are releasing 6G and 7G to power the robot vehicles, and monitor everyone’s every move. The radio presenter continued by saying that these modern technologies provide a wide range of modulation options.

According to Jones, 5G’s centralized pre-programmed system makes it more likely that users may experience health concerns including deoxygenation of the lungs and skin damage.

Invisible waves from the 5G tower are still very much present.

The independent journalist & author noted that victims of these “soft death/kill weapons” suffer cumulative damage from being struck from hundreds of various directions.

Jones claims that those who are exposed to 5G. 6G, and soon 7G radiation have a decline in both life expectancy and intelligence. The prevalence of neurological illnesses, cardiac issues, and cardiovascular disease, he said, are all on the rise.

We live in an electrochemical world.

The electrochemical nature of your nervous system and cellular structure cannot be overstated. However, both the heart and also the brain are highly electrochemical organs. The heart is comparable to a battery bank full of nerves in terms of its ability to pump blood throughout the body. Moreover, research shows that all these electromagnetic waves might disrupt your heart’s normal functioning. Jones said, “They can alter the oscillations that aren’t as helpful for communication but can fry you much quicker in tests with mice.

He said that the public needs to know that the launch of lethal COVID-19 shots like those from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca’s viral vector injections and Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA gene therapy is not random.

“They may then put it to the test and poll the population to see whether people wake up and how outraged they feel. Try to rationalize away a 40 percent mortality rate in any Western nation in any year prior to one associated with the COVID pandemic. They want to see whether you can get up and running when they throw you a curveball. If you refuse and are so shocked that you don’t realize what’s happening to you, they increase the intensity. And we’re the human plague in their eyes,” Jones said.

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