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Stabbing Rampage in the Province of Saskatchewan – Here is what we know

The Horrors of a Stabbing Rampage in the Province of Saskatchewan

Authorities in Canada are searching for two men who have been named as perpetrators in a stabbing rampage that occurred in the province of Saskatchewan in the country’s central region and resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people.

In the attacks that took place on Sunday in the isolated Indigenous settlement of James Smith Cree Community and the adjoining town of Weldon, there were an additional 15 persons were injured.

Rhonda Blackmore, an assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, stated during a press conference that “what has transpired in our province today is awful.”

What exactly took place during the assault?

On Sunday at 5:40 am (11:40 GMT), the police received a call informing them that there had been a stabbing now at James Smith Cree Nations. There was a rapid series of calls reporting knife assaults in the vicinity, with the total number of places reporting violence reaching 13.
According to Blackmore, some of this “may have been planned and others could have been random,” and the reason behind the attack is not immediately apparent. She stated that some of the victims had recognised the assailants.

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After many individuals were injured and killed in the community of Weldon, Saskatchewan, a forensics team is now conducting an investigation at the location of the crime. [David Stobbe/Reuters]

The accused have been identified by the police as Damien Sanderson, age 31, & Myles Sanderson, age 30.
The assailants got away in a black Nissan Rogue and were later seen in Regina, which is the capital of the province and is located more than 300 kilometres (185 miles) to the south of the area where the incident occurred. A search that was being conducted by the police was extended into the neighbouring provinces of Manitoba and Alberta.

Images seen on television showed remote dwellings on the James Smith Cree Nation that had been roped off with police tape. These homes were located in fields with thick grass and trees. On social media, local locals have shared photographs of the aftermath of the attacks, including a door handle that had been broken off of a property that had been burglarized.

Who are the people under suspicion?

A limited amount of information on the two suspects has been made public, despite the fact that the police have warned that they should be regarded as “armed and dangerous.” Damien Sanderson was described by the police as being 170 centimetres tall (5 feet 7 inches), 70 kilogrammes (155 pounds) heavy, with brown eyes and black hair. Myles Sanderson is described as having brown hair, and brown eyes, standing at 185 centimetres tall (6 feet 1) and weighing 109 kilogrammes (240 pounds).

Photos made public by the authorities illustrate Two of the suspects have been identified as brothers named Damien and Myles Sanderson, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan and AFP.

Myles Sanderson was placed on the “unlawfully at large” list by Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers in the month of May. This is a programme that promotes the general public to work together with the police in order to discover wanted criminals. There was no more information provided on the reasons for which he was sought at the time.

What do we know about the people that were killed?

Lana Head, a mother of two girls, was named as one of the victims of the attack, according to her ex-partner Michael Brett Burns, who spoke to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network about the incident (APTN). According to him, her male companion was another person who perished in the incident that took place at the James Smith Cree Nation.

Burns was quoted as saying, “It’s disgusting how jail time, drugs, and alcohol can wreck so many lives.” “I’m saddened by all of these losses.”
Wes Petterson, 77 years old, was one of the victims, according to residents of the town of Weldon who identified him.

Ruby Works mentioned to APTN that the widower had a reputation in the neighbourhood as a kind and helpful person who adored animals and produced homemade jam. “He didn’t contribute in any way. He did not merit this in any way. He was an honourable and charitable human being.
The identities of additional fatalities were not immediately published.

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