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Hillary Clinton Expresses Fear of Trump’s Potential 2024 Reelection

Hillary Clinton, a former senator and Secretary of State who twice failed to win the presidency, expressed fear that Donald Trump might be re-elected as President in 2024. During an interview with Sky News in Northern Ireland, she indicated that she might throw her hat into the ring for the presidential race.

When asked about Joe Biden’s advanced age, Clinton pointed out that she is only in her mid-70s and claimed she is fit to do the job.

Clinton told Sky News that Trump “cannot…be re-elected president.” Sky News interviewer Beth Rigby reminded Clinton of how Trump, during his 2016 campaign, repeatedly accused her of breaking the law and encouraged chants of “lock her up.” Rigby pointed out the irony of how Trump, a former president, now faces the possibility of going to jail.

Clinton responded that she always thought Trump accused people of doing things he was guilty of, a form of psychological projection. She criticized Trump’s record in business and government, saying he cared nothing about the law or rules. Although Trump has been indicted, Clinton noted there is nothing in the current system of laws preventing him from running for office. However, in her view, even if he secures the Republican nomination, he cannot be re-elected as president.

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