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Guess Who Despises Our Freedom

Protecting Our Freedom

While browsing TV networks, you might already guess who despises our freedom by now, I have seen many instants of a smirking politician babbling about liberty and freedom. What a heartbreaking comedy.

Why political leaders continue to gush their baloney is a testament to the absence of thought and feelings to the typical audience and use bogus “news report” tactics.

After a couple of seconds of listening to these clowns, any sort of educated individual of any level of intellect will dismiss public servants as Con Men. Nevertheless, Let me ask you this, has any mainstream news “reporter” on the television, radio stations, or in the papers, at any time, challenged a political leader by asking him or her specifically what he or she thinks freedom means?

Can you visualize the look on their face if someone actually asked them to describe freedom or liberty?

I will show you just how simple it is to confirm the state, federal government’s position on liberty or even the security of freedom and liberty.

I will use the words freedom and or liberty.

So as NOT to be implicated or accused of being prejudiced, I’ll use just “lawful” definitions: “Liberty; absence of restraint.” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 499. Look at the last word, “restraint.” Liberty is the “Absence of servitude and restraint.” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 734. And “free” means: “Without restraint or coercion …” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 498.

Now let’s define what governments do, or govern: “To direct and control; to regulate; to influence; to restrain; to manage.” Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, page 530.

It’s appropriate to say freedom is “Liberty; [an] absence of” government. If there’s government, there’s “restraint” and therefore, no freedom. By definition, and in practice, the government is anti-freedom. Keep in mind any slave had the freedom to do what his master ordered or allowed him to do; he was nonetheless a slave.

I understand some people are going to bitch that government is here for protection, to protect us, and they’re the only ones that can. That’s rubbish, as anyone with the smallest understanding of authorities ought to already recognize. They have absolutely no responsibility to safeguard any individual. And any sort of legal representative or lawyer saying otherwise is lying, or perhaps was sleeping at the desk in law school.

Just like I said; if anyone doubts me, well then try to sue the cops or “city hall” for failing to safeguard or protect you. “Good luck with that”.

Statists suggest there need to be legislative “regulations” such as, “restraint.” Penalty, they say political leaders are protecting your freedom.

They support using physical violence.

In other words, it’s okay to punish people, In case anyone doubts this, well then, STOP paying your taxes.

Try driving a car around without having a tax plate on your vehicle. See what happens when you quietly drive and the neighborhood income cutter machine puts his/her emergency headlights on you and pulls you over.

Whenever these criminals offer professional services for safeguarding freedoms, you WIll pay the price, sooner or later.

They keep saying, “We do this for YOUR SAFETY”. “IT’S FOR YOUR PROTECTION”. NOTHING can be further from the TRUTH.

By definition, the security of freedom will not include “restraint or coercion”. These guys persuade/trick us to pay them for security/freedom, yet they have absolutely NO Obligation or responsibility or intent of doing this. They restrict us in countless ways; restrictions that have absolutely nothing to do with security.

These kinds of smirking political leaders demolish the very rights and liberties they claim to defend. It reminds me of the rule of decreasing returns. Wouldn’t it be accurate that if we’re expected to pay the state and or federal government to guard or protect our freedoms, then should not the expense or costs associated with that act decrease at the same pace our liberties are wiped out? The less protection they gave the lesser the price.

Listen to the sales pitch these bloodsuckers gush out: “we need to take your liberty away temporarily, to protect it.”

Just how do you safeguard or protect what does not exist?

Why is this kind of rubbish allowed?

What “freedom”?

“restrictions [as well as] browbeating” ruined freedom and your civil liberties.

Do these self-proclaimed experts “dislike us because of our independence”?

What crockery. Anybody that uses, promotes repression and threat, despite their “citizenship” and, or religions, that refuses to engage with individuals on a volunteer basis despises freedom should NEVER hold political office.

Let all those smirking public servants spin that.

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