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Open up Canada like YESTERDAY

The UK is removing almost all Covid stipulations/restrictions, yet the majority of Canadians are still putting up with vaccination passports, face mask requirements, and even a series of additional governmental health measures.

The most awful component or part is that a few Canadians are actually pleased living with indefinite ( Never ending ) restraints, Chris Wick from Real News Cast said.

Get this, Quebec television programs cheer on people that want the “unvaccinated imprisoned”, YEP, “throw them in JAIL they say”. An updated survey reveals 27% of Canadians would like to see this. incredible, just how brainwashed are we?

We need to have a brand-new committee devoted to getting the country reopened permanently, like, YESTERDAY.

Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau have FAILED the People of Canada!

Take a Wild Guess Who Despises Our Freedom?

Please America, don't wait for Canada — open your border now | The Star

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