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Government Attempt to Limit Content on Social Media

The senior Republican of the Oversight Committee calls a rising government attempt to limit content on social media platforms a “abuse of tax funds” and has issued letters trying to preserve data for upcoming hearings if the GOP takes control of Congress.

“The swamp continuing to cooperate with Big Tech & woke corporate businesses to restrict conservative viewpoints and stories,” U.s. representative James Comer (R-Ky.) said Wednesday night.

Just the News reported that Homeland Security and State cooperated with a commercial consortium to designate social postings, articles, and websites as “disinformation” during 2020 election and urge that Big Tech ban or label such material.

The consortium’s after-action report found the initiative touched 4,800 Web URLs, 20 news companies, two dozen conservative influencers, and roughly 22 million social media postings. State Department officials filed tickets to restrict certain information, but Homeland did not, allowing the private coalition lead.

The group defends its activities, claiming Big Tech corporations censored based on its suggestions.

Homeland also partnered with a Harvard University initiative founded and run by Hillary Clinton campaign director Robby Mook, who confessed spreading the now-discredited Russia conspiracy theory that sullied Donald Trump’s image.

Homeland abandoned its intention to establish a Propoganda Governance Board under criticism, but preparations are increasing for the 2022 & 2024 elections.

Comer, the prospective House Oversight Chairman should Republicans win next month, claimed “every government department is seeking to establish a Ministry of Truth” to push deception and reject real conservative information.

When it involves tax cash, the House Oversight Board will investigate. My committee prioritises it. We’re weary of fighting Big Tech and government censorship organisations. Contravenes the First Amendment. False. Abuse of tax funds must halt, and those doing it weren’t allowed. They need accountability.

Comer also threatened to investigate the Biden family company abroad, calling a Washington Post article that Hunter Biden might be prosecuted with tax problems and lying on a weapons application “little potatoes.”

“We’ve known this forever,” he added. “I’m not interested.” We’re examining Hunter Biden to avoid him. We’re examining Hunter Biden because of his contacts with China and Russia.

Comer also responded to disclosures of Special Counsel John Durham’s case against Igor Danchenko, the now-discredited Steele dossier’s source.

Prosecutors revealed Tuesday that the Federal bureau of investigation did fail to validate any dossier allegation before having to submit some of its statements in a “authenticated” FISA warrant implementation to spy mostly on Trump campaign. They were so desperate for proof that they suggested up to $1 mil to retired MI6 operative Christopher Steele he could support his allegations. Nope.

“They’ll explain how they made horrible judgments,” Comer added. Why did they emphasise the Steele dossier even though it was fiction? What were they thinking? Incompetent? Did they err? Who’s responsible? Our questions are:

Comer stated “the Russian misinformation effort, directed by Adam Schiff,” magnified the FBI’s failures to the public. Schiff has long maintained there was proof of Trump-Russia connection. Mueller found no conspiracy.

Comer & Rep. J. Jordan (R-Ohio), the senior Republican also on Judiciary Committee, have voiced concerns about the FBI’s actions. Recent whistleblower allegations reveal politicisation of key cases including Hunter Biden, Donald Trump, and Jan. 6 defendants. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) as well as Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) also have proof of abuses.

Republicans in Congress are worried about the FBI following Tuesday’s Danchecnko trial discovery.

U.s. representative Austin Scott (R-Ga.), an influencing Republican on the Armed Services Committee, informed Real News Cast on Wednesday that the FBI’s $1 million offer to Steele was particularly disturbing because it showed the bureau didn’t have evidence the dossier was credible before submitting some of its accusations made in a FISA warrant as verified.

“I believe individuals should go to jail for it,” he said. “We need apolitical FBI.” They’ve shamed the institution.”

U.s. representative Austin Scott says FBI’s $1M offer for Steele dossier ‘has to be punished’

Scott said if Republicans reclaim control of Congress, they must reform the House Intel Committee, which has been contaminated with politics throughout the Trump era, including fueling impeachment fires.

“Look at the Dems’ Intel Committee,” he remarked. “We need that committee to remain nonpartisan because it sees a lot of things in America and abroad. Look at how the Democrats managed the committee and handled the Russian hoax and more. That needs repercussions.

“When we take control, I hope Republican Kevin McCarthy will tell certain Intel Committee members, ‘You can’t serve here due of your prior dishonour,'” he said.

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