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Google stringent new guidelines concerning web content on climate change

climate change

The search engine Google has launched rigorous rules relating to web content regarding climate change on its own networks, pledging to close down advertising campaigns and even demonetize YouTube videos that dispute any “reputable scientific opinion about the existence and or causes of climate change.” (I wonder from WHO, some TV scientist?)

An announcement published Thursday, Google released its new standards, “Up-dating our advertisements and money-making protocols regarding climate change,” we will disincentivize all information that defines assertions of man-made climate change as “a scam or maybe a hoax,” in the process of executing the highest restrictive actions in opposition to dissenting from mainstream belief regarding climate change.

We are in the Midst of the Greatest Brainwashing Battle in History

Next month, any type of assertions or claims that refute global climate change and that it is warming up, and claims suggesting that greenhouse gas discharges or human activity add to climate change, are going to be subject to removal or perhaps demonetization.

So, we can NOT even question the word of the corporations, NO MATTER how much they POLLUTE!

“Any kind of claims that deny ‘greenhouse emissions or human activity results in climate change will definitely be subject to demonetization,” they said.

FDA Never Actually Approved the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine

Former climate alarmist Michael Schellenberger, that throughout much of his carrier, upheld the favored story that climate change presents an existential danger to humankind, well, this person has since had a change of heart. This person now suggests that “human beings are NOT creating a 6th mass annihilation, the Amazon forest is NOT the lungs of the earth, climate change is NOT helping make all-natural catastrophes even worse.

Here are the BIGGEST Polutters on the planet…

  1. China, with more than 10,065 million tons of CO2 released.
  2. United States, with 5,416 million tons of CO2
  3. India, with 2,654 million tons of CO2
  4. Russia, with 1,711 million tons of CO2
  5. Japan, 1,162 million tons of CO2
  6. Germany, 759 million tons of CO2
  7. Iran, 720 million tons of CO2
  8. South Korea, 659 million tons of CO2
  9. Saudi Arabia, 621 million tons of CO2
  10. Indonesia, 615 million tons of CO2

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