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Giving Physicians the Freedom to Administer Early Treatments for COVID

A public statement in support of giving physicians the freedom to administer early treatments for COVID without disturbance from federal government authorities has actually gotten over 11,000 signatures from physicians and medical researchers, up from 4,000 only a couple of weeks earlier.

The statement was prepared in response to the suppression of safe and efficient COVID early treatments which lots of doctors continue to say “might have avoided as much as 85% of all COVID deaths and injuries”.

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The Physicians Declaration Global COVID Summit from Rome, or “Rome Declaration,” has had 11,100 signatures since October 7th.

The signatories concur that “the physician-patient relationship needs to be brought back. The very heart and soul of medicine is this relationship, which enables doctors to understand their clients’ needs and their diseases, to develop treatments that provide the very best possibility for success, while the client is in their care.”

It is even more important that medical professionals need to be totally free to assist their Clients/Patients and make choices about possibly life-saving COVID treatments.

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The statement went on to say, “the political invasion into the practice of medication and the physician/patient relationship should end.

“Physicians, and all healthcare service providers, should be free to practice the art and science of medication without the worry of retribution, censorship, slander, or disciplinary action, consisting of possible loss of license and healthcare facility benefits, loss of insurance coverage agreements, and disturbance from federal government entities and companies – which prevent us from taking care of clients who NEED our help.

More than ever, the right and capability to exchange clinical findings” the signatories said.

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