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Globalists Can Impose Climate Lockdowns with Little to NO Resistance

Climate lockdowns are only the next step in the globalists’ attempt to exert power over the populace, after the Wuhan pandemic lockdowns.

Author Marc Morano cautioned that the COVID-19 lockdowns demonstrated that forcing people to stay in their homes and limiting economic activity may improve the environment by lowering carbon emissions in a conversation with LifeSiteNews co-founder & editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen.

When asked about the climate change movement, Morano replied, “The COVID lockdowns were essentially a variation of what they’ve demanded for decades.” “I’ve been to every UN climate meeting, and this year will be in Egypt. And the “degrowth movement,” often known as “planned recessions,” is what these summits are advocating as a means to combat global warming. To cut down on pollution, the government may mandate reduced economic growth or even a recession.

Morano said that globalists are arguing that lockdowns and supposedly reducing emissions are the only means to an end—total domination.

“If you live under a dictatorship, if you live with the government controlling every area of your life, you’re curing infections, you’re addressing climate,” said Morano. To paraphrase a famous political cartoon: “The fact is, they demand control and they’ll do whatever it takes, whether it’s a virus, the climate, you pick it – they want to claim emergency powers. It’s all about using emergency powers to sidestep democratic processes, after all.

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