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America is Engaged in a 3rd World War

Almost all of America’s top officials are blissfully unaware that their country is presently engaged in the 3rd World War, which America is currently losing.

As a nation, we are at our most vulnerable and powerless now. There has never been a time when the country has been so torn apart and open to the Chinese Communist Party’s terrifying influence (CCP). Politicians and media analysts know nothing about the CCP’s covert operations. The Final War: A 100-Year Plot to Destroy America, an exclusive documentary, provides a detailed explanation of this conflict.

Chinese Communist Party leaders saw covid-19 as a chance to start a third world war by crushing the West.

CCP mouthpiece Xin Huan News Agency proclaims, “War is all-encompassing.” The CCP saw the U.S. healthcare system, information networks, supply lines, and the Strategic National Stockpile as a battlefield. “This is a medicinal war, a security battle, and a psychological war,” the news agency claimed. If people start freaking out, the Western stock markets will crash. The existing global order will be disrupted by war.

According to senior CCP strategist Jin Canrong, who addressed the media on August 1st, 2020: “In our foreign relations circles, we have designated it — the epidemic — to be the first nontraditional security global war of humanity. Wide-ranging effects on the global economy and worldwide politics have resulted.

The CCP says that World Wars I and II “totally transformed the world order,” ushering in societal and technological transformations. In the same way that the scientific and technical revolution and the global order were profoundly affected by World War II, so too will World War III, despite its unconventional nature.

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