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Hunter Biden Makes Crackhead Error

Biden Crackhead Error

Update: Internet detective ‘Truth Ninja’ has deduced that Hunter did, in fact, make a crackhead error, since the rent amount of $49,910 matches the amount that he paid at the ‘House of Sweden,’ which was an office space that he used for his company.

A background check on Hunter Biden was included in a tweet sent on Thursday by Miranda Devine of the New York Post. This tweet has caused some to raise questions.

According to a report by the Washington Post, “The now-52-year-old started listing the Wilmington residence as his address following his 2017 relationship breakdown from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.” He also allegedly made a false claim that he owned the property on a background check form that was submitted in July 2018 as part of a rental application.

It is important to remember that this is the exact home where secret papers were discovered.

On closer investigation, however, Hunter lists the “Month – to – month Rent” as $49,910, which comes out to around $550,000 for the eleven months that he stated he resided there.

A search on Zillow indicates that the monthly rent for the most costly house that is presently available for lease in the city of Wilmington, Delaware, is $6,000.

Town & Country magazine estimates that the value of Biden’s house is somewhere close to $2 million.

Is it possible that Hunter, a crackhead, gave his father the wrong information when he stated the yearly rent payment for the residence that housed secret documents? Sure. But if Hunter was really struggling financially, why would his successful former vice president father continue to charge him rent in the first place?

And according to sources in the New York Post, “The next year, federal officials started looking into whether or not Hunter & his business colleagues broke any laws related to taxes or money laundering while doing business in China and other nations. On the laptop, that Hunter left at a repair shop in Delaware in 2019, emails and other data linked to the agreements could be recovered. However, Hunter did not retrieve the laptop in order to access the information.”

In January 2019, Hunter said to his daughter Naomi, “I hope you guys can accomplish what I did and pay for just about everything for this whole family for 30 years.” He was referring to paying for all of their expenses. “It is a really challenging task. But don’t worry, in contrast to pop, I won’t demand that you hand over fifty percent of your income to me.”

Therefore, was the “monthly” rent of $49,910 a simple crackhead error when that amount was in reality the yearly payments figure, or did Hunter establish “Exhibit A” for any reasonable prosecutors to pursue? Regarding the latter, we aren’t going to hold our breath.

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