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Forever in Bloom – Poem

A love poem for HIM

This poem is a tribute to my love for him. It speaks of the never-ending blooming of my feelings and how being in his arms brings me a sense of peace and security. It tells how my heart belongs to him and how his love brings light to my life and chases away the darkness. It expresses my commitment to our love and how I look forward to sharing it with him, forever and always.

My love for you is like a rose,
Everblooming, never fades.
In your arms, I find repose,
My heart in yours forever stays.

With every beat, it sings your name,
A melody for you alone.
In your love, my soul is tamed,
My heart, forever yours to own.

Like the sun, you light up my life,
Chasing away the darkest night.
With you, there is no end to the strife,
With you, everything feels just right.

So let us share our love, pure and true,
Forever and a day, my love, just me and you.

By Chris Wick

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