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A Sex Party In St. Mary’s Cathedral

Sex Party In St. Mary's

According to reports in the Sunday Times, the Catholic Church is conducting an investigation into accusations that a “sex party” took place inside St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle during the time when the rest of the United Kingdom was under stringent lockdown conditions.

This investigation is a subset of a larger Vatican investigation of the diocese, which is looking into several allegations of sexual abuse.

In a letter that was cited by a news publication on Sunday, this same Archbishop of Liverpool decided to write that he was asked by the advisers to the Pope to compile “an in-depth report” into the events that led up to Robert Byrne’s resignation as the Bishop of Hexham in December. This letter was written in response to a request that he had received from those advisers.

In 2019, Byrne was elevated to the position of a bishop, and he promptly named Father Michael McCoy to the position of Dean of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Newcastle.

According to a source who spoke to the Times, McCoy allegedly approached a number of parishioners and encouraged them to attend “a party” that would be held inside the cathedral. This occurred when the United Kingdom was placed under a stringent lockdown. The event was characterized as “a sex party that took place in the priests’ residential quarters connected to Newcastle cathedral”.

There’s no evidence to suggest that Byrne was aware of the purported sex party or participated in it in any way.

In 2021, following the opening of an inquiry into old claims of child sexual abuse involving the cleric, McCoy took his own life. At the point of his passing, he was not facing any charges in connection with any wrongdoing.

There have been other priests with what appears to be a troubled past who have served in Byrne’s diocese in addition to McCoy.

A separate investigation is being conducted by the Catholic Security and Safety Standards Agency (CSSA), which is looking into reports that a convicted pedophile named Father Tim Gardner was made available in church-owned lodging inside this diocese after he was found guilty of pedophilia and convicted to 8 months in prison for his crimes.

Gardner was discovered to have more than 500 inappropriate pictures of youngsters stored on his computer; some of these pictures were ones that Gardner had taken himself. At the time of his conviction, he was working as a teacher of religious instruction at a Catholic school in the city of London.

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