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The Future of Warfare: Robot Armies and AI Dominance

General Mark Milley, who is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has a vision for the future in which robot armies would patrol the land, sky, and seas in order to engage in combat with enemy robots throughout all domains of conflict.

The year 2030 is only ten years away, but according to Milley, the United States military will have large robotic ground forces and artificial intelligence capabilities by then. He is of the opinion that over the next 10 years, the most formidable army in the world will consist primarily of robotic units, and he wants the United States to be the first nation to cross that cybernetic Rubicon.

Milley asserts that the United States is currently in the midst of one of the several revolutions in military affairs that have taken place throughout the course of history and that we are currently at a critical juncture from the perspective of the military. He places a strong emphasis on the fact that robotic armies, together with artificial intelligence, precise bombs, and the capacity to see at the range, will bring about a significant shift in the nature of the battle.

The Chairman notes that the United States of America has between five and seven years to make substantial changes to its military since the country’s opponents are also aiming to use robotics and artificial intelligence in the same manner, with Americans as their targets. The next conflict will be won by the nation that best integrates artificial intelligence and robots into its military operations.

Milley is of the opinion that the United States will reign supreme on the battlefield of the future if it can be the first nation to combine new capabilities such as robots, artificial intelligence, cyber and space platforms, and precision weapons into a new paradigm. As a result, the Pentagon is doing research and development on new unmanned aerial, ground, and submarine vehicles. Additionally, the Pentagon is attempting to capitalize on the widespread use of non-military smart technology, such as watches and fitness trackers.

According to Milley, it is not science fiction but rather a picture of the future, and the worldwide repercussions of such a change in the nature of conflict are impossible to overestimate. The United States of America has to adopt these newly developing technologies in order to maintain a competitive advantage over its rivals and ensure that its military operations make the most efficient and effective use of these capabilities possible.

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