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Fauci’s emails reveal information about titanium dioxide in face masks

The results of a study that was published in the scientific journal Nature in Feb 2022 indicated that amounts of titanium dioxide that “systematically exceeded the allowable exposure level” had been discovered in typical face masks that were used in the Covid era. The following are some excerpts from the study’s summary of findings.

According to The Daily Sceptic, this finding is in line with an earlier study published in Water Research. That study discovered lead, cadmium, antimony, and a variety of plastic and organic chemicals in face masks.

“The toxic effects of a number of the chemical compounds discovered and the postulated dangers of the rest of the existing particles and molecules raises the issue of whether or not [disposable masks] are safe to use on a regular basis.

A peculiar email conversation was discovered among Fauci’s “smoking gun” emails, and it’s possible that it’s connected to the recent finding that titanium dioxide was and is used in face masks. In order to put these communications into perspective, let’s first discuss how tio2 is and the issues that have been raised about its use of it.

Information about titanium dioxide

According to what Dr. David Jockers noted, it is true that titanium dioxide can be found in its natural state in the environment. However, this natural source particle is a metal, and metals have a strong attraction to impurities. As a result, researchers are growing increasingly hesitant to advocate its use by humans due to the potential for contamination. Titanium dioxide has been shown to possibly cause cancer in humans, however, many organizations that are ostensibly established to protect the public’s health have chosen to overlook this risk.

Titanium Dioxide in Surgical Masks

The item that was published in the Express had the earliest mention that we were able to locate of the utilization of tio2 nanoparticles in face masks. According to a news article published by the Express in Mar of 2020, “an innovative nanotech business has released what it says is the world’s coronavirus-resistant face mask… Titanium dioxide was the active component of the coating that was applied to the mask, which was made using molecular nanotechnology that was patented in Japan.

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