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Emails Reveal How Fauci Conspired with Zuckerberg

Personal email messages reveal the way Fauci conspired with Zuckerberg to establish control over the narrative about the pandemic, to implement stringent COVID lockdowns.

Email Messages coming from Mark routed to Anthony, the founder, and chief executive officer of Facebook who recommended sending “data reports” on users in order to “help with decisions” on the pandemic solitary confinements.

E-mails reveal how they Connived to Enforce Control Over Pandemic Narrative, this specific admission is an example of just how effortlessly Big Tech and the state and federal government are able to effortlessly participate in using private information, and make use of it to regulate our freedoms.

In the email swap, Zuckerberg firmly insists: “I want to make certain you have all the resources you need to speed up the advancement of a vaccination.”


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