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Restrictions to be Lifted in Ireland

Irish PM Micheál Martin revealed that most COVID restrictions are going to be lifted starting, Saturday, however, his government has already made a decision against ditching vaccination travel certifications, and face mask requirements applied at stores and on communal transportation.

Covid in Ireland: Most restrictions to be lifted over summer | Ireland |  The Times

The move to loosen up the guidelines has been embraced throughout the bureaucratic sphere, still, pro-freedom lobbyists within Ireland are afraid that it may not be the “The beginning of the END” as a number of top political leaders have called it.

Irish analyst Dave Cullen said to his audiences that “anybody rejoicing in this come back to freedom is extremely FOOLISH.”

” Only a slave feels appreciation to their owner or MASTER when they are provided or given extra freedoms and privileges again,” Cullen explained. “The state and the federal government has absolutely NO right to grant our freedoms back to us because they have had ZERO right to take them, to begin with.”

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