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CDC Documented 8 Cases of Myocarditis

CDC revealed 8 cases of myocarditis, a likely fatal kind of heart-swelling, in elementary school children that got the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 injection.

Since December 10th, the CDC claimed it had obtained 14 documents of myocarditis among kids from ages 5-11 who got the Jab. Of these, it claimed 8 reports– consisting of 4 young boys and 4 young girls – matched the company’s “working case interpretation” for the swelling.


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5 of the 14 cases mentioned are still being investigated. Of the 8, 6 happened after getting the 2nd shot of Pfizer – the only injection readily available for the peer group.

The reviews were highlighted Thursday amongst 3,233 other post-vaccination unfavorable events disclosed to CDC’s VAERS. RT has the full story here.

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