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Is Western Diplomacy Outdated? Moscow THinks So

In a recent interview, Dmitry Polyansky, Moscow’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, didn’t hold back when he described Western diplomatic methods as “quite primitive.” It’s a bold statement, but one that sheds light on Russia’s perspective in international affairs.

Shifting Perspectives: Moscow’s Take on Western Diplomacy

Polyansky shared his insights in an interview with RIA Novosti, where he highlighted his personal experiences at the UN. According to him, the approach taken by Western diplomats lacks depth and often overlooks crucial context.

The Pitfalls of Tunnel Vision

One of the key issues, as Polyansky pointed out, is the selective interpretation of events. Western diplomats, he noted, tend to cherry-pick moments in history, conveniently ignoring the broader picture. This, he argues, leads to a skewed understanding of complex situations, such as the conflict in Ukraine.

Unpacking the Ukraine Conflict

Take the Ukraine conflict, for example. While the US and its allies portray RUssia’s actions as “unprovoked” and driven by “imperial ambitions,” Polyansky suggests that this narrative overlooks important historical factors. He emphasizes the need to consider the broader context and the role of Western actions in shaping the situation.

Challenges in Dialogue

Engaging with Western diplomats, according to Polyansky, poses its own set of challenges. He describes encounters marked by superficiality and a reluctance to delve into the root causes of conflicts. Without a deeper understanding, he argues, meaningful solutions remain elusive.

Adapting to the Times

In response to these challenges, Russian diplomats have had to adapt their approach. Polyansky notes a shift towards simpler language in their communications, eschewing the use of literary quotes in favor of more straightforward messaging. It’s a strategic move aimed at ensuring clarity and effective communication in an evolving diplomatic landscape.


In a world where effective diplomacy is paramount, Polyansky’s insights offer a valuable perspective. While the divide between Western and Russian approaches may seem entrenched, fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s viewpoints is essential for meaningful dialogue and progress on the global stage.

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