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Oprah Shoots Dr. Oz in the back

Oprah Shoots Dr. Oz

Oprah openly promotes John Fetterman, who has cognitive impairments and can not talk in a logical manner, so Oprah shoots Dr. Oz in the back.

The lady who is now ranked tenth on the list of wealthiest women in the world has made it public that she supports John Fetterman for Senate seat in Pennsylvania rather than Dr. Mehmet Oz, whose career she helped create.

Naturally, we are referencing Oprah Winfrey when we say this since she recently made headlines when she said in a statement that “if I live in Pa, I would already cast my ballot for John Fetterman for so many reasons.”

Oprah Winfrey is nothing more than a well-compensated media prostitute.

Kid Rock fired back on Twitter. Did you know that Doctor OZ is part of the WEF?

Oprah is also meddling in a number of other important state elections, many of which are races for control of crucial state legislatures that the Democratic Party must either keep or win in order to continue pushing their globalist agenda.

Despite the clear cognition issues caused by the latest stroke that refer to the man now having severe mental problems, Fetterman seems to be Oprah’s choice over Dr. Oz because he’s such a far-left Democrat. Dr. Oz is running as a Republican, whereas Fetterman is a Democrat on the far left of the political spectrum.

It should be noted that this is the exact same Oprah who was spotted socializing as well as kissing child predator Jeffrey Epstein:

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