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Dirty the Skies and Darken the Light

Dirty the Skies

Make Sunsets is a climate cult corporation that encourages companies that want to look good to pay it to dirty the skies and darken the light. This will have the effect of cooling the planet Earth and cause ocean levels to plunge as the water that sustains life on Earth is frozen into ice.

The chief executive officer of the corporation goes by the name “Iceman,” giving the impression that he is some kind of globalist antagonist from a Batman movie. He says that it is “morally wrong” to allow full sunlight, warmth, ocean habitats, and liquid water to persist on planet Earth at their current levels, and he pledges to pollute the skies and dim the sun in order to combat so-called “climate change.” He admits that his operation is a kind of “cult” in a statement that he gave to MIT Technology Review (link below), and he says that it is “morally wrong” to allow full sunlight.

According to him, the only way to stop climate change is to undertake a dangerous, unproven, and scientifically ill-conceived global terraforming operation. This operation would have an effect on photosynthesis, food crops, ocean levels, phytoplankton, and habitat for aquatic ecosystems all over the world.

And all of this activity is being carried out in the name of “science” and the “battle against climate change.”

Even the dominant schools of scientific thought are coming out against the folly of trying to play God with the climate.

This geoengineering operation is readily accepted by MIT Technology Review, an establishment magazine that almost seldom comes across a radical scientific experiment that it doesn’t like. However, MIT Technology Review has been critical of this particular geoengineering operation. Over the years, the publisher has advocated for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), experimental vaccines for covid, pesticide poisoning of crops, CRISPR technology, and genetic engineering; however, plans for planetary-scale geoengineering appear to be too far out of the publisher’s comfort zone. In his article, James Temple calls the effort to alter the climate “wildly premature,” and he issues a warning that a rogue actor who pursues such experiments could “set back the scientific field.” This could be analogous to how the global mRNA vaccine push has caused the public’s trust in pharmaceutical giants and health authorities to plummet. According to the article:

The actions of the company give credence to the long-held fear that a “rogue” actor, one who is not particularly knowledgeable of atmospheric science or the implications of the technology, could unilaterally choose to geoengineer the climate, without any kind of consensus around whether it is okay to do so or what the appropriate global average temperature should be. This is a fear that has been held for a long time. This is due to the fact that it is rather inexpensive and not overly difficult to accomplish technically, at least in a basic sense.

A political scientist at the University of California, San Diego named David Victor issued a warning more than a decade ago about the possibility of such a situation. Invoking the character of Goldfinger from a 1964 James Bond film, which is best known for the assassination of a woman by painting her gold, he stated that a “Greenfingers, self-appointed protector of the planet… could force a lot of geoengineering on his own.” This statement was made in reference to the character of Goldfinger.

If we were to block the light, the ocean water would freeze, and photosynthesis would come to an end… What are the worst-case scenarios that may occur?

In point of fact, the Bond analogy seems to be suitable, considering that the CEO of Make Sunsets supposedly intends to lower the temperature of the earth and trigger a worldwide freeze of liquid water… Furthermore, his name is derived from the word “Iseman” (Iceman). His actions, like those of every other climate cultist, demonstrate that he abhors sunshine, liquid water, the habitat of the ocean, warmth, lush rainforests, and carbon dioxide, which is a crucial ingredient for food crops and plant life around the earth.

True “gloom and doom” is the end goal of those who follow the cult of climate change. They want to make the sun less bright and usher in a more gloomy future for Earth. They intend to inhibit photosynthesis, which would lead to the failure of food crops throughout the world and ultimately to starvation. They want the water in the ocean to be frozen into ice, which will reduce the level of the ocean and damage the habitat of marine organisms such as whales, dolphins, and coral reefs. Climate change fundamentalists are almost universally opposed to the planet Earth, all forms of life, agriculture, and scientific research. They, however, seem to believe that the pollution they cause to the atmosphere is in some way beneficial to the earth.

According to NOAA, an eruption of Mount Tambora occurred in the year 1815, sending 31 cubic miles of ash high into the stratosphere. Because of this, many sections of North America, Europe, and even some areas of Asia saw a “year without a summer.” It is believed that 100,000 people perished as a result of the famine, which was caused by the failure of food harvests worldwide. According to the NOAA:

In addition to crop failures, food shortages, and flooding, the volcanic winter was responsible for these effects throughout most of North America, Western Europe, and portions of Asia. More than 100,000 people perished as a direct consequence of the pyroclastic flows that were caused by the event that occurred in 1815, as shown by historical and climatological sources. These deaths occurred throughout the course of the subsequent decade.

This cataclysmic occurrence is described as “natural” by MIT Technology Review, however, the publication fails to add the required qualifying term, “disaster.” Make Sunsets is attempting to re-create this natural disaster and bring about what is effectively a man-made worldwide calamity that will have impacts comparable to those of a very massive volcanic eruption.

Fifty years of inaccurate forecasts about the climate

Another issue that arises from all of this is the fact that the world is not truly warming in the way that we were led to believe it would. Climate cultists have been altering temperature data on a regular basis and picking and choosing which observations to highlight.

There hasn’t been much of an increase at all in ocean levels, and the hypothesis that carbon dioxide was a harmful pollutant turned out to be a complete and utter bunk. The climate crazies are living in their own deluded dream kingdom of bogus science and false narratives, as demonstrated by the fact that their prophecies of the end of the world have been wrong for an astounding fifty years. Sadly, they have bought into their own falsehoods to such an extent that they believe they have a right to conduct extreme and risky experiments with the goal of changing the Earth’s atmosphere in order to hide the sun, which would result in a decrease in world temperature and a decrease in food yields.

A proponent of depopulation named Dr. Paul Ehrlick stated, in an essay published in the New York Times in 1969, that if the rate of population increase was not controlled, by the year 1989 “everyone will dissolve in a cloud of blue steam.”

The “blue steam” that everyone was so afraid of never materialized.

In March of 2000, an article published in The Independent predicted that the rate of global warming would increase to such a degree that snow would become extinct. “Children aren’t going to have any concept of what snow is,” the speaker said. Tell that to the folks in the United States who just survived an absolutely historic snowstorm during the course of the Christmas holiday.

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