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Teen Passed Away of Heart Condition two days After COVID Vaccination

Teen Passed Away after COVID Vaccination

A 15-year-old young boy living in the Sonoma District the golden state of California, passed away 2 days after getting his 2nd dosage of the Pfizer COVID-19 injection, with “NO other notable problems leading” to this young man passing, a district death record has verified.

The teen passed away of stress cardiomyopathy with coronary artery swelling back in June of this year, basing on a probe filed the previous calendar month by the Sonoma District Sheriff’s Department.

A youngster “was discovered unresponsive inside his room shortly when his mom checked on how he was doing since he was sleeping a little longer than normal after receiving that JabHowever, she found him dead in bed, she called an ambulance when it arrived they confirmed the youngster was lifeless.

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” The body of this youngster was then transferred to the Sonoma Region Funeral Home, where he was scheduled for an autopsy by a forensic pathologist,” it said.

” There were absolutely NO other apparent health conditions resulting in the loss of his life provided.” Coroner stated.

The examination did not specifically associate the young boy’s passing to inoculation, in spite of the timing, absence of some other medical problems, or any heart adverse effects connected with the speculative COVID jabs.

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