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CNN’s Huge Drop in Viewership

MSN Outlets Dropping in Viewership

Based on Nielsen records, CNN experienced a huge drop in prime-time viewership, and MSNBC experienced a 25 percent decrease in viewership for the very same time slots.

Typically there are 919,000 Americans watching MSNBC, and 787,000 are actually still watching CNN.

At this rate, experts are saying the media networks are going to quickly be out of business.

Anybody still watching CNN and thinking you are watching real news must be totally conditioned or brain dead. The organization is trying to fence these types of zombies into shelling out for its programs using subscriptions.

Howard Stern recently asked the question “who the hell’s gonna shell out money for CNN+?” he also said “folks do not want CNN. I mean are these people outta their minds?”

Here is what Joe Rogan had to say about it.

Joe Rogan

Fox News dropped 34 percent, however, continues to cater to a lot more watchers estimated at 2.3 million during prime-time hrs.

Media networks across the board observed considerable decreases in viewership, like NBC “Nightly News” recording a 14% downtrend, and ABC’s “World News Tonight” and also the “CBS Evening News” experiencing a 12% decrease in viewership.

The information even exposed that the brows through rate to online news sites plunged, with visitors to the Washington Post’s site going down by a shocking 44% in Nov 2020 and Nov 2021, and even the New York Times dropped a 34% in visitors.

Some so-called experts say the decrease is because of Trump leaving the white house, well, it really has more to do with the cascade of B.S. spurting from the mouths of every single anchor and talking head on these networks, and every ‘reporter’ woefully trying to camouflage their viewpoints as genuine news reports for the Post and even the Times.

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