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After Elon Musk’s Statement in which he requested a De-escalation in the War Between Ukraine and Russia, Lindsey Graham Issued a Threat

Elon Musk also published a poll about the resolution of the conflict. Elon Musk received criticism from those who support militarism in response to the question he posed.

The worst response came from the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, who took it personally and made it about himself.

In addition, Ukrainian President Zelensky used his own survey to launch an assault on Elon Musk.

Lindsey Graham, a warmonger, responded to this by attacking Elon Musk, calling Musk “stupid,” and claiming that Musk was endangering Elon’s Tesla enterprise.

This is the answer that Lindsey has given to Elon Musk.

And Lindsey threatened to revoke Tesla’s tax benefits since the company did not back his military intervention in Ukraine.

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