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 Charlie Crist acts like a savior as he attacks DeSantis

Charlie Crist acts like a savior

Video footage shows the Democrat addressing followers in Pinellas County, effectively equating himself to Christ as well as the governor to Satan, so Charlie Crist’s inflammatory speeches are not new on the campaign trail.

The tape, shot by an eyewitness at Crist’s campaign rally in Pinellas on Mar 17th, 2022, showed the Democrat gubernatorial contender — who had not earned his main victory at the time — pouring his admiration on Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky and making a subliminal connection to himself.

So you’re curious about the bright colors? Look at that sign right ahead. You see the color, the blues and the yellow, Is there a certain nation that springs to mind?

He praised Zelensky for his “courage, bravery, and dignity” and added, “we’re fighting for our freedom too”

“This election is about decency, about just being nice to one another, and about being good to everyone,” Crist said. That’s what many in Florida refer to as a “Florida for all.”

Crist then labeled Gov. Ron DeSantis (Republican) a “divider” and warned the gathering that “someone” evidently nicknamed the governor “DeSatan.”

One of us is a separator, while the other is the uniter. You see, certain people nickname him DeSatan. I was wondering whether you had heard that. I’m striving to be kind. That’s what we’re up against – DeSatan. he said, proudly gesturing to his campaign poster.

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