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Senator Rand Paul Turns His Back on The Cartel Bill 

Senator Rand Paul takes no prisoners

Rand Paul (R-KY) declared on Tuesday that he will not continue to support The Cartel Bill and the Journalist Competition & Preservation Acts (JCPA), a plan that would establish a media cartel to bargain with big tech.

Paul was a cosponsor of the JCPA at one point, but he withdrew his support and presented his own proposal, the Regional News & Broadcast News Preservation Act, according to an interview with the Daily News.

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He added that he quickly changed his opinion on September 7th, before the last Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the measure, since the JCPA “mandates government judgment and government engagement in the solution.” Total Government control and he will not have any of that, sources said.

The conservative from Kentucky elaborated:

Although I’m for publications and broadcasters being permitted to negotiate collaboratively, I’m against the government mandating a final arbitrated settlement. It may seem like a nitpick, but it’s a fairly significant element and thus I’m going to continue to communicate with the academics to see whether they would come around to our point of view if they truly want my support.

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