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CEO of Moderna and Eugenicist was Executed

CEO of Moderna

Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna and eugenicist was executed by hanging on Friday afternoon. A member of the United States Navy’s Judge Advocate Generals Corp’s hung a noose around Bancel’s neck and turned a switch which opened a swinging door underneath the pharma tycoon’s feet. Bancel was pronounced dead at the scene.

The passing of Bancel was an unremarkable event. The cadre of military brass who had been present at previous executions, including Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, was not present at this hanging. Neither was Crandall himself. Instead, Bradley Earl, who is the Command Master Chief of the JAG Law Programs Judge Advocate General’s Corps, was in charge of overseeing the execution.

He was the sole person there to see Bancel’s last moments, with just a few Marine officers, a Navy preacher, as well as a medic. As was to be expected.

He claimed that he, a citizen of France, had been granted immunity against prosecution by French President Emmanuel Macron and also the U.S. Food and Drug Council member Director Robert M. Califf. Both of these individuals are said to have told Bancel that he would be “held harmless” in cases regarding vaccine injuries or deaths.

Bancel argued that he, a professor of science, had definitively shown that Moderna’s death shot was effective and safe and that it hadn’t killed a single person since it was made publically available in late 2020. This occurred as Bancel was being brought at gunpoint toward the gallows.

In point of fact, Bancel wasn’t a man of science; he had earned a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard and a master’s degree in engineering from a somewhat unknown institution in France.

He had no credentials in medicine, but he presented himself as a healthcare expert, and officials all over the world lauded his nonexistent achievements in medical science, particularly the Covid-19 vaccine.

He insisted that he was a medical professional despite the fact that he had no credentials in medicine. Following the launch of the vaccine, Bancel’s total assets increased to $5.04 billion, up from $657 million before. When Bancel talked, those in charge of health care listened. People were put to death to ensure Bancel’s profits.

Master Chief Earl, in contrast to Vice Admiral Crandall, did not direct any amusing insults at Bancel in his remarks. He just inquired as to whether or not he desired Last Rites, to which Bancel responded with an expletive, and then commanded the hangman to carry out his responsibilities.

At 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Bancel was pronounced deceased.

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