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CBC Is At It Again

CBC is at it again, making use of “The So-called Experts” pushing back on Premier Scott Moe’s proclamation earlier this week that vaccinations no longer stop transmission of COVID-19.

CBC claims (without any PROOF of ANY KIND) that Researchers and even medical professionals say the premier’s stance is not supported by documentation, research, or records. Really? We have shown dozens and dozens of studies that show otherwise, yet the Propaganda machine of Justin Trudeau is working overtime to continue to rule the general public, Using FEAR as the weapon of choice. They say, “it’s to PROTECT YOU”, “It’s for YOUR Health”.

CBC continues to say that “He’s spewing essentially nonsense,” according to Nazeem Muhajarine, a lecturer of epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan. By the way, research WHO contributes to the Univerity, and you will understand why Mr. Muhajarineis makes this kind of claim.

In an announcement released on Saturday, Moe published that “inoculation does not keep people from contracting COVID-19” and also “inoculation is just not decreasing transmission.” The CDC, WHO, NIH, Dr. Fauci, and countless others have confirmed that even if you take the Shot, you CAN still catch the Virus, you CAN still SPREAD the virus. But NO, NO, CBC knows better! Take your shot, Justin Castro needs the money. lol

Hee is what CBC actually said.

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