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Get Ready Doug Ford The Truckers Are Coming

Get Ready Mr. Doug Ford, The TRUCKERS are Coming. Transport Trucks, Massive Farm equipment, pickups, cars, started rolling into Toronto’s business district as early as Friday afternoon responding to forced Vaccination mandates of Justin Trudeau, who is STILL in Hiding.

Armed with Canadian banners and signs, the motor vehicles stopped briefly in front of the Royal Ontario Art Gallery on Avenue Rd, stone’s throw from Queen’s Park where the demonstration is to take place Saturday.

Law enforcement agencies along with city authorities mobilized to get ready for the landing of the “Freedom Convoy” by closing roads close to Queen’s Park and even across from Toronto’s health center in an effort to avoid a repeat of the “Ottawa’s Protest” that continues to take hold of the business district of Ottawa with demonstrators from all over Canada using Cars, Trucks. Farm equipment, and Even Motorhomes.

One Trucker said: “Hey Mr. Ford, pick a lane, any lane, the ‘Freedom Convoy’ is rolling your way…”

Doug Ford tells truckers to go home: ‘I support vaccinations’. Hey Mr. Ford, said another trucker, ” We are NOT ani vax, we are anti-Mandates we want the right to CHOOSE, quit spinning the Truth.”

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