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It has been claimed that the Animal Disease Center is using ticks as a weapon to transmit Lyme disease

A mile off the coast of Long Island stands Plum Island Animal Disease Center, the epicenter of the debate about the possible production and release of Lyme disease and other infectious illnesses that may escape from the lab and pass between animals and people.

The US government has utilized this bio lab for decades to prepare for the possibility of accidental or purposeful introduction of foreign animal illnesses to US cattle.

The bioweapons program at the Plum Island facility has its roots in Nazi connections.

Perhaps Plum Island, home to a bio lab, was founded for evil purposes.

After World War II, the bio lab was established to create harmful biological weapons. Under Operation Paperclip, the United States government secretly recruited Nazi biowarfare scientist Erich Traub. Many people in the scientific community refer to Traub as the “godfather” of the laboratory. Before, Traub had worked on a Baltic island known as Reims. His assignment was to create an aggressive bioweapon that would harm Soviet Union livestock, reducing the enemy’s food sources and maybe infecting people as well.

However, records unearthed from the facility in 1993 by independent writer John McDonald describe Plum Island’s actual goal and paint a radically different picture from the government’s version. Based on the extant that the lab’s stated mission was to “create biological warfare munitions that would be used to harm cattle as well as other animals inside the former Soviet Union.” Thus, the bio lab was developing DEFENSIVE bioweapons with the intent of killing cattle in other nations.

The lessons of Plum Island are being relearned: the USDA, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security is conducting covert research projects to develop agricultural bioweapons with which to starve countries into submission.

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