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Let me ask you Something: What is Your Freedom Worth?

Did You EVER think What is Your Freedom Worth

I asked my Son Mike this very question, What is your freedom worth? He said: “It is worth everything“. Read on further, you might find your answer to this and OTHER questions that are on your mind right NOW.

Most want the leeway or CHOICE to worship without getting consent or permission from the State or province. The flexibility or choice to do work without being coursed or pushed to inject a drug that I do not want in my body.

The liberty/CHOICE to have a political viewpoint or opinion on the web without being banned from social media networks. Having my kids learn without wearing a revolting and even potentially harmful filthy face mask over their faces for 8 hours or so each and every day.

So, What is Your Freedom Worth, Did you think about it yet?

It really is mystifying how folks don’t seem to realize the seriousness of the predicament or situation we are in.

We gave up so much over the last 20 months and may NEVER get it back except or unless “We The People” initiate/TAKE a stance right this second. NOW, TODAY. ( ALWAYS PEACEFUL, NO VIOLENCE )

Are your freedoms and protecting civil liberties truly worth making an effort for? Definitely.

If you answered YES then you better start acting like it… Remember that nobody is coming to rescue you. Certainly not any of our current political leaders. Certainly not President Joe Biden or Prime Ministers Like Justin Trudeau.

Remember that God helps those that help themselves.” Whoever your God is… as long as you believe in a higher power, that is all that matters.

It won’t be quick nor easy, virtually nothing rewarding is, still, it can and is being accomplished by men and women who are facing the exact situation.

Folks, we are being confronted with a choice as we go through some of the most extreme power plays in history by the global aristocracy.

People can easily dummy up, put on the face mask, get the 4+ (and counting) injections, and be managed as if livestock, or perhaps we can peacefully act by leaving their whole entire system and maybe creating our own personal path forward in a parallel economic climate, a parallel world wide web, and parallel community.

What do you think? can we survive this on sloth of Teranicle’s actions against us?

It is a WAR for your MIND…

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