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Canada – The Global leader in Euthanasia

The country that has been called the “global leader in euthanasia” is now contemplating allowing minors to get medical assistance in committing suicide WITHOUT the approval of their parents.

By the year 2021, Canada has established itself as the “global leader in euthanasia” by aiding the deaths of over 10,000 individuals via medical means. Since 2016, medical authorities in Canada have complied with 31,000 requests for euthanasia. Hospitals in that region have rapidly transformed into extermination camps, a macabre setting in which patients are denied care and counseling and where despondency and suicide are actively promoted.

The Canadian government is now debating whether or not to pass legislation that would make it legal for medical professionals to aid kids in committing suicide via the use of medical assistance even if they do not have their parents’ permission. If you think this is far-fetched, consider how far Canada has come in such a short amount of time…

The despicable legalization of assisted suicide in other countries including Canada and the UK.

When it came to adult patients, euthanasia was formerly considered a kind of murder. In the case of Carter v. Canada, which took place in 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada abolished these criminal restrictions for assisted suicide. Following this controversial verdict, the Canadian Parliament passed Bill C-14, which legalized “medical help in dying” for adults. This legislation, which was enacted in 2016, gave medical professionals the authority to end a person’s life if it was decided that the individual was experiencing “enduring and unbearable pain” or that their death was “reasonably foreseeable.”

By the year 2021, the Canadian Legislature had approved a more permissive euthanasia law, known as Bill C-7. This law made it possible for people suffering from mental illnesses to end their own lives under the supervision of a physician, so long as these individuals also continued to suffer from a condition that was unrelated to their mental illness.

Because of this, a young man named Kiano Vafaeian, who was 23 at the time, was able to seek death without his family’s knowledge. He suffered from persistent depression, and in addition, he was diabetic and had a visual loss in one eye.

After becoming concerned about her brother’s mental state, the sister and mother went onto his account, where they discovered that their brother or son had filed for and been granted “medical help in dying.” Kiano, who was just 23 years old, was planning to have a physician aid him in fulfilling his decision to end his life.

The family fought back aggressively. Dr. Joshua Tepper, the attending physician, was met with criticism, which finally led to his decision to withdraw from the procedure. The life of that young guy was spared, but at the same time, there are so many other youngsters who are now contemplating euthanasia and who are being blindly herded into death camps.

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