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Rumble a video hosting service comparable to YouTube under Attack

Rumble, a video hosting service comparable to YouTube that is situated in Toronto and promotes itself as being pro-freedom of expression, recently made the announcement that users in France would no more be able to access the website.

According to the firm, the suspension was implemented when Paris made a request for the removal of various Russian news outlets.

The video-sharing service said that it was resolved to not move the “goalposts” on its commitment to providing a platform to users who held “unpopular ideas.” It has contested the constitutionality of the order issued in France, but for the time being, access will be banned in France, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

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Rumble further said that the ruling would not have a major effect on the firm since fewer than 1% of its own user base was seeing videos from France at the time. It voiced its optimism that Paris would rethink its demand and provide permission for Rumble to resume business operations in the nation.

On Twitter, CEO Chris Pavlovski announced the announcement in response to a statement by Elon Musk, in which Musk revealed that he had rejected efforts from some countries to restrict access to Russian sources of news on its Starlink satellite internet service. Pavlovski’s tweet was a reaction to Musk’s remark. In the essay that was published in March, Musk referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist” and said that he would not budge “until at gunpoint.” The contentious content filtering methods of Twitter were one of the selling points for the billionaire’s decision to acquire the company last month.

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