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You want the blue checkmark on Twitter, right? Pay $8

You want the blue checkmark on Twitter, right? Pay up to $8. Elon Musk, the new chief executive officer of Twitter, has said that the move would offer “power to the people,” and the pricing will be modified for different nations.

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter Inc., has said that in an effort to monetize the service and reduce the social media network’s reliance on advertisements, the popular “verified” badge would be included in the premium version of Twitter’s Blue service, which will cost $8 per month.

“The present lords and peasants method that Twitter uses to determine who has and who does not get a blue tick is a load of garbage. To the people, with power! Musk said in a tweet that Blue will cost $8 per month and added that the price would be adjusted “country proportional to purchasing power parity.”

Musk said that blue tick subscribers would be given precedence in answers, mentions, and searches; they would also be allowed to submit lengthier films and audios, and they would be subjected to half as many advertisements.

In addition to this, he promised paywall-free access to members via “publishers eager to collaborate with us.”

The statements made by Musk come after it was reported in the media that the CEO of Tesla was investigating the procedure of profile validation and the way the blue marks were distributed.

Twitter used to designate particularly outstanding accounts with a blue tick relying on its own set of criteria.

On the other hand, more than % of Twitter users who participated in a recent survey said that they’d never pay for blue tick, followed by 10 % who stated that they would be prepared to pay $5 each month.

Following a protracted conflict that involved almost walking away from the transaction and engaging in a legal face-off, the billionaire finally closed the deal last week on his $44 billion acquisition of the firm.

There is already a paid membership service for Twitter that is known as Twitter Blue. This service was introduced in June of the previous year and provides users with access to services such as the chance to modify their tweets.

“If that gets established, I’m gone like Enron,” the best-selling novelist Stephen King tweeted in response to rumors that Twitter may soon begin charging confirmed users a monthly charge of $20 for blue ticks. “If that gets instituted, I’m gone like Enron,” he added.

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