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Biden’s were involved in shady dealings

Biden parents

More allegations have surfaced suggesting that the Biden’s were involved in shady dealings, and also that Joe Biden, sometimes known as “His Fraudulency,” was indeed the family’s “Don.”

According to Breitbart News, a source disclosed on Monday that the Biden family was engaged in a wagering business operation in multiple Latin American countries when Joe Biden was serving as Barack Obama’s vice president:

The source told the Daily Mail that Joe Biden’s involvement included hosting a teleconference in 2012 about an internet gambling platform known as Ocho Global with his son Hunter Biden, his biz partner Jeff Cooper, this same late Harry Reid, and Harry’s son Key Reid. Ocho Global was active in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, as well as Argentina at the time.

According to the insider, who spoke to a publication in the UK, “With the firsthand observations I had, it’s apparent Joe was involved in the business.” “He was not inactive; rather, he was discussing the issue. If I were forced to characterize him, I would say that he was similar to a member of the corporation’s board of directors.

The whistleblower also described a number of additional contacts that took place during the phone chat.

According to the source, Harry Reid inquired over whether or not the concerns of the Peruvian administration had been addressed. “Cooper responded that everything had been taken care of, and the collaboration with the Peruvian government was in place,” Joe is Biden attempting to redirect all attention away from Hunter.

“At that point, Joe Biden said, ‘Boys, it’s the kind of thing we have to hear more of.’ It is imperative that we are making headway or something to that effect. Simply a glowing endorsement of the fact that he was pleased with the way things were moving along, this statement was. He inquired about a variety of different topics with a variety of inquiries. Do we have to be engaging in additional activities with officials from the government? What steps are we going to take in order to move this forward?’ He inquired about the income forecasts, and he wanted to know when a demonstration of the Ocho Rio program might be given.

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