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Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that Russia might begin billing nations it considers “aggressive” in rubles for its natural gas.

Putin’s checklist of “aggressive” countries consists of the united state of America, all of the EU member states, Switzerland, yes, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Japan, and many others.

Russia is making this, some say, a radical step because according to him “there is absolutely no point in selling Russian natural gas or oil for us dollars or even euros if we can’t spend them because of sanctions.”

EU countries are saying they will NOT pay in rubles.

This scenario is most likely to intensify.

The United States is the world reserve unit of currency in large part because of oil being traded in American money.

Putin’s demand to trade in rubles endangers the USA petrodollar government officials are saying.

Only time will tell if Russia makes good on its Threat.

Russia's ruble worth less than 1 cent after West tightens sanctions - CBS  News
Russian Rubles
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