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The propaganda machine of the United States

The propaganda machine of the United States is acting dirtier than it ever has.

Something went wrong after the recent publication of a news item in the New York Times that was allegedly based on “declassified materials” from The US intel agencies about Russia’s “purchase” of vast numbers of artillery rounds and missile systems from N.korea for use in Ukraine. The story was about Russia’s alleged intention to use these weapons in the conflict in Ukraine.

In response to remarks made by officials from the Department of State as well as the Department of Defense, which did not give any accurate information, John Kirby, the director for strategic communications at the United States National Security Council, walked it back. He admitted that there was NO evidence that the weapons transaction had really taken place yet or any North Korean weapons had made it into the battle in Ukraine. He also claimed that there were NO signs that the purchase of weaponry had actually taken place.

The story, on the other hand, accomplishes a few different things:

In the framework of the military campaign that is taking place in Ukraine, highlighting the “severe logistical issues” that Russia or its local partners are facing;
Providing evidence of the efficacy of export control restrictions implemented by the United States and the European Union, both of which China seems to adhere to;
Insinuations that Russia is compelled to seek military help from “rogue nations,” like North Korea and Iran, despite its best efforts to avoid doing so. The United Nations Security Council has imposed a stringent weapons embargo on Pyongyang, and any shipment of weaponry and material from the nation would be regarded as a breach of international sanctions;
For the acknowledgment of the sovereignty of the Donetsk or Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as the probable dispatch of North Korean laborers to the freed regions to repair civilian infrastructure, resolving scores with Pyongyang was necessary.

The current predicament is eerily similar to events that took place two years ago, specifically in June 2020, when the New York Daily News was the source of a fabricated story that claimed Russian military insight had offered so-called ‘bounties’ to Taliban-linked fighters in exchange for the deaths of United States troops stationed in Afghanistan.

“Propaganda by terror” is being propagated by Kiev, according to a former French presidential contender
Continue reading “Propaganda by terror” being propagated by Kiev, according to a former French presidential contender

The RBRA act of 2020, which was initially sponsored by Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, contained asset freezes and travel restrictions for the highest-ranking officials in Moscow’s government. The Democratic Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, gave her backing to Menendez’s idea by stating that penalties on Russia should be applied immediately for their alleged “collusion” with the Taliban.

Donald Trump, who was serving as president at the time, referred to the report in the New York Post as “fake.” After further investigation, US intelligence services determined it to be false, which Trump subsequently confirmed. According to Jonathan Hoffman, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, there is no indication of “Russian collaboration” with leaders of the Taliban. In addition, the Taliban refuted the accusations.

The ‘Russia’ factor was exploited in Dem Party circles in the run-up to the presidential election in 2020 to put the finger of blame on Trump for his failings in Afghanistan. This was done in an attempt to discredit Trump as a candidate. The United States notoriously withdrew its armed forces from the country the very following year, when President Joe Biden was in office. The Pentagon estimates that the US left behind armaments worth over $7 billion.

The United States is continuing to engage in dirty tactics when it comes to the use of media warfare, despite the fact that midterm elections are coming for Nov and also the Ukrainian army has suffered major casualties.

It is very evident that the anti-Russia effort in all of its many expressions will only get more intense in the event that Biden’s Party wins.

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