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Attempt to Decriminalize Atrocities of Genocide Against Polish People

In response to the Polish government’s attempt to decriminalize atrocities of genocide against Polish people, mostly on Protection of the Community and the State of Natural Emergency, Polish naturalist, as well as biochemist Doctor Diana Wojtkowiak, has written a notice of legal responsibility to Polish government leaders (UD 432).

Maciej Wasik, the undersecretary for the Department of the Interior & Administration, has given his support to the aforementioned law.

Wojtkowiak claims that under the pain of incarceration and the possible loss of personal property without compensation, Polish people are compelled by UD 432 to submit to nonspecific vaccines and interminable medical treatments.

She added in the letter’s introduction that “our” government is “vigorously taking on population reduction of the Polish country they regard as an adversary,” replacing telecom firms with their 5G and the pharmaceutical cartel.

Research in molecular biotechnology has been the focal point of Wojtkowiak’s career for the last 20 years; she has a master’s degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in molecular biology. She made the announcement public in the form of a public letter to any and all Polish people.

Over 2 hundred thousand Poles were lost to the epidemic of [Wuhan coronavirus] COVID-19 because the health care stopped caring for chronically sick individuals and instead used therapies that made things worse for their health. “This is clear in the additional fatalities of uninfected even by pandemic, in addition to the deaths documented by the statistics office just after repeated vaccination programs,” she said.

The proposed bill was first introduced in June by Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Ministers Mariusz Kaminski, and Wasik.

Kaminski argues that the state needs the new processes in place so that it can respond swiftly, efficiently, and without excessive bureaucracy in times of crisis.

To put it another way, “the goal is to give protection and help to victims of such extreme events as swiftly as possible,” he stated.

Unfortunately, this caused several academics to worry about potential legal ramifications. ‘It has to be noted that the draft law ‘on civil protection or the state of natural disasters’… doesn’t really meet basic appropriate method or the part of solutions proposed is completely at odds with the Republic of Poland’s Constitution. of Poland,’ according to an article that was published on October 30 inside this European Studies Journal.

Despite the name, the Act is really a tool of enslavement and murder. According to Wojtkowiak, the proposed law is only the latest in a long line of measures that have been taken in Poland in recent years to bring it in line with the requirements of international organizations.

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According to Wojtkowiak, the globalists’ objectives are being carried out through the Big Pharma cartel.
As the doctor forewarned the Polish people, this is merely the beginning. She stressed that the Polish parliament and government are subservient to German authorities and that if Act UD 432 is passed into law, it would authorize the forcible injection of anything poisonous into all people.

She pointed out that the “tests are carried out by the producer, a judge of his own case, which indicates a full and absolute lawlessness,” meaning that neither Polish nor European Union authorities are assessing the genuine contents of the vaccinations.

Since the 1950s, prescription medications have served not to heal patients but to enslave them to the pharmaceutical cartel that profits at our expense. But, she said, “the psychopaths who the oligarchs are recruited are motivated less by financial gain and more by the desire for power.”

Since Wojtkowiak has informed the government about the deadly repercussions of using pseudo-drugs developed by the worldwide pharmaceutical cartel, she argued that ignorance is no longer a valid excuse for them. The fact that a plaintiff doesn’t realize a law has been broken isn’t a defense. She also noted that lawmaker immunity does not shield against genocide. Sorry to proclaim genocide to you, my dear friends.

The doctor has asked that the architects of the proposed legislation be held criminally liable for an “effort to harm civil rights, ideally before the statute under consideration is processed,” citing their ties to foreign enterprises and intelligence agencies.

More information about the globalists’ planned genocide may be found at depopulation. news.

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