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The Hospitals in Virginia are Now at Capacity

Virginia hospitals at capacit

The emergency departments and practically every other room in the hospital in Virginia are now at capacity, and the use of movable cots in the hallways to accommodate the overflow of patients is becoming more common.

Numerous hospitals in the large cities of Virginia are operating well beyond their capacities, as has been witnessed by investigative journalists and reporters. This means that not only is every space occupied, but also many foldable cots, with sick people on them, have been lined up along the back wall of the looooooooong halls.

Others are strolling down and up the corridors, while people are sleeping on beds with IV needles in their veins, with people surrounding them sneezing and coughing and commenting on the awful circumstances.

It’s like a nightmare scenario from a movie about a pandemic. Related: Exhausted By This Pandemic- When Is Enough – Enough?

Because there are not enough staff members to help the influx of patients in the event that an emergency evacuation scenario should develop, this circumstance poses a significant risk of fire.

Complaints may be overheard in the waiting areas and check-in desks in the emergency departments of the hospitals right now. The causes for the current influx of patients into hospitals are anyone’s best estimate, but I’m sure we have some ideas, right?

Patients are waiting in line to check in, and they are all complaining of chest tightness, pains, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms that appear to be related to spike protein syndrome. Spike protein syndrome is a life-threatening illness that is induced by vast numbers of prions that clog the circulatory tissue and strain the heart and the organs that cleanse the blood.

As the scam demic continues to spread, Big Pharma is making a killing off of patients who are forced to sleep in cots in the halls.

If you or a loved one have to spend a night on a cot in the hallway of an overpacked clinic for any reason, the average cost of all that extended stay ranges from a staggering $9,300 up to $13,600, based on the nature of coverage. If you have no coverage at all, the cost of that overnighter will be a staggering $9,300.

This is what the figures from Agency for Healthcare Safety and Quality have shown, despite the fact that the quality of treatment received while sleeping in the corridor of an emergency department leaves a lot to be desired.

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