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The Pandemic Provided an Unmatched Justification for Aspiring Authoritarians

Justification for Aspiring Authoritarians

The COVID-19 pandemic provided an unmatched justification for aspiring authoritarians to suppress freedom.

To combat this infection, unimaginable federal government controls are plentiful and fully activated. Entire economies have been closed down, business enterprises closed up unwillingly, and even countless people tossed out of their job.

Contact-tracing applications were developed to tip off the user the moment they became exposed to another person with this virus or infection, still, these apps also keep track of your entire history of movements. They are TRACKING YOU…

Vaccination mandates imposed via phone-app-facilitated “passport IDs”. Very soon, continued employment or perhaps the opportunity to take part in a community without restraint might depend on you verifying or proving that you got an injection.

O. K., That’s unquestionably a tough remedy, still, it was demanded as a communal health proposal to overpower life-threatening contagious illnesses like this virus, or at least so they claim. Once COVID-19 vanishes or maybe ends up being native such as influenza, everything will go back to normal. Right? Well, DON’T Hold your breath just yet…

Not if the technocrats have their way. COVID-19 filed and charged their cravings for power, and today these people want their existing “short-term” control or POWER over you and the way you live or work and make it into a long-term fixture of culture.

The problem remaining is how to get folks to give up even more of their freedom?

One strategy might impose an international or WORLD control in the name of stopping foreseeable future pandemics.

This kind of method was literally outlined back in 2020 by Dr. Anthony Fauci in a co-authored article published in a scientific research publication recommending that the U.N. & WHO be allowed to pass measures that will “rebuild the framework of human existence.”

Global warming provides an extra threatening pretense for setting up the system of rule by authorities. Limitations on individual freedom have long been nurtured as a vital and needed preventative to avoid ecological deterioration. Today they’re being pitched as a way of safeguarding or PROTECTING people for our HEALTH. Yeah, right…

And the “really good news” – coming from the dictatorial point of view – is that, in contrast to COVID-19, the objective of “net-zero” carbon dioxide discharges, that we’re told need to be enforced in order to keep people from cooking like some sort of lobster inside a pot, which could never happen.

Brilliant! This implies the technocracy will never ever finish.

A recent article in the Journal of Medical Ethics sets out the framework.

” Numerous state and federal governments tackled this COVID-19 pandemic by unmatched funding,” the article said. “The environmental crisis requires a comparable emergency reaction.”

” Authorities need to bring in necessary transformations to the way our societies and economic climates are coordinated and the way people live,” the review claims. “State and federal governments need to step up in order to maintain the revamp of transportation systems, urban areas, production and dispersal of food items, the local market for economic expenditures, healthcare programs, and a lot more.”

If this sounds suspiciously like Dr. Fauci, that’s due to the fact that technocrats all think alike.

The strategies being prepared might likewise constrict our liberty by subjecting us to state-of-the-art monitoring – disturbingly comparable to the dictatorial Chinese social credit system.

An advocacy post inside the distinguished science journal Nature by 4 ecological “specialists,” outlines one such extremely troubling proposition– a way of limiting individual behavior referred to as “personal carbon allowances,” or PCAs.

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