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Gavin Newsom MASSIVE Advocate of COVID Jab Mandates

Gavin Newsom, the most prominent advocate of COVID jab mandates in the united state of America, is being challenged by the CCPOA after denying them exemptions when they contributed $1.75 million dollars to help this guy make it through this summer season’s recall political election.

The reports come after Newsom told CBS News “we need to stiffen our spines and lean into keeping people safe and healthy,” maintaining in support of escalating mandates by claiming” we should not be timid in trying to protect people’s lives and mitigate the spread and transmission of the disease.”

One particular vaccination requirement Newsom does not support is the one affecting members of the California Correctional Organization (CCPOA), a powerful state prison guard alliance that helped bankroll Newsom’s recall success with a huge $1.75 million dollars campaign contribution back in July.

Exemplifying 28,000 police officers state-wide, the CCPOA emerged firmly on behalf of the medical freedoms for its members, saying that penitentiary employees should be permitted to voluntarily opt for or decline inoculation. My body, MY choice

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The alliance spent the summer months battling a California Dept of Public Health (CDPH) mandatory Vax order, calling for “those that are routinely delegated to offer healthcare or medical care assistances for those behind bars, detainees to present proof of complete inoculation against COVID-19 by Oct 14th, 2021, except if these people get approved for an exemption based upon genuinely held religious views or even because of health care reasons”.

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In reaction to the requirement, the CCPOA said that “mandating global inoculation of personnel … seems to be at odds with the significant decrease in COVID-19 contamination levels throughout the penitentiaries, and even all over the State in latest several months.”.

Even though it urges its own members to willingly obtain the shots, the CCPOA suggested that “a compulsory inoculation method under the threat of firing are going to be tough to carry out, will adversely affect the State and even its workers by interfering with various other mitigation initiatives, and might threaten progression already made.”

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