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Fauci is the Evilest Individual on the Planet Right Now

Fauci is Evil

Anthony Fauci is the evilest individual on the planet right now. When we take into consideration all the serial killers, child traffickers, and corrupt Democrats on the same planet, still, Fauci has all of them topped on the wicked scale with killing people, pet dogs, and who knows what else.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. created a book uncovering who Anthony Fauci truly is, and it’s a hot seller. Inside “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Pharma, and the Universal Battle for Freedom,” the guy creates lots of allegations regarding Fauci that are mind-blowing.

Needless to say, Fauci wasn’t pleased, even though he just attacked Kennedy without addressing any one of JFK’s allegations. Here is what he said to Yahoo:

Talking To Yahoo News, the director of the NIAID mentioned, “it really is a shame that he is attacking me in my career,” when questioned about RFK’s publication not being “a complementary picture of” his career.

The book that could spell the end of Anthony Fauci and the incredible push  for vaccine mandates - Todayville Edmonton

” I think if you look at my career there are not a lot of people that would be attacking my career, but he seems to do that,” Fauci continued in the comments published earlier this week. “It’s very unfortunate because I don’t think he is inherently malicious. I just think he’s a very disturbed individual. And I … I don’t like to have to say that, but it’s very, very clear. And it’s a shame because he comes from such an extraordinarily distinguished family, many members of whom I know personally, and I was very close to Senator Ted Kennedy, who was such an extraordinary person and a real warrior for public health. And to have RFK Jr. just spouting things that make absolutely no sense.”

Fauci claimed that RFK’s remarks, which consisted of unproven and unsupported assertions that Fauci is the investor in Moderna, a thing JFK said to Newsweek earlier on this year, and that Fauci called “unequivocally and completely incorrect.”

” And the thing that makes it even more painful about it is that it’s hurting people, that will cause disease and lose lives for the things he’s saying,” Fauci included. “So, I’m so sorry that he’s doing that not just because he’s attacking me — that seems to be the rage among some people — but because ultimately, it is going to hurt people. So it’s really unfortunate that he’s doing that.”

Being somebody that keeps track of RFK Jr.’s activities for years now, I am able to say to anyone, that he is NOT a ” disturbed person.” I know this person bases his point of view on facts, and analyses of what they imply.

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