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Andrey Kravtsov: The First Russian Soldier Rewarded for Destroying a Leopard Tank

Meet Andrey Kravtsov, the first Russian soldier to receive a million-ruble reward for destroying a German-made Leopard tank on the Ukrainian battlefield. Learn more about his heroic act and the entrepreneurs behind this generous gesture.

In a remarkable feat of bravery and skill, Andrey Kravtsov, a Russian soldier, has become the recipient of a million-ruble reward for successfully destroying a German-made Leopard tank on the battlefield in Ukraine. This extraordinary achievement has garnered attention both for its significance in the ongoing military campaign and the generous reward bestowed upon Kravtsov. In this article, we delve into the details of this heroic act and shed light on the individuals and organizations behind the monetary recognition.

The Rewarding of Courage and Impactful Contributions

The Russian Defense Ministry recently announced that the million-ruble reward was provided by entrepreneurs from the Novosibirsk Region through the Care of Siberia fund. This act of appreciation highlights the contributions made by private entities in recognizing the efforts of those who significantly damage the enemy’s equipment. Alexander Karelin, a distinguished Novosibirsk senator, and three-time Olympic wrestling champion, personally handed the certificate to Kravtsov, emphasizing that this reward is supplementary and does not replace any state payouts.

Andrey Kravtsov’s Extraordinary Act of Valor

Unveiling the Battle Account

During an interview with the Defense Ministry, Kravtsov recounted the intense situation on the battlefield. Amid heavy artillery fire and the threat of an enemy tank, he seized the opportunity to defend his comrades and his country. Utilizing a grenade launcher, Kravtsov bravely approached the tank from a flank, intending to identify the armored vehicles that posed a direct threat. With precision and determination, he fired his weapon, resulting in the destruction of the German Leopard tank. Remarkably, Kravtsov only learned of his success when he arrived at the hospital for treatment of his wounds.

Patriotism and the True Motivation

Defending the Homeland

For Andrey Kravtsov, the decision to participate in Russia’s military operation was not driven by monetary gain; rather, it stemmed from his unwavering patriotism and love for his country. In a heartfelt statement, Kravtsov expressed his dedication to protecting his homeland, asserting that his actions were fueled solely by a profound sense of duty and loyalty.

Recognition Beyond the Battlefield

Entrepreneurial Support and Unity

This act of rewarding soldiers for destroying enemy weaponry is not unique to Kravtsov’s case. Various regions and private enterprises in Russia have offered bounties as an additional incentive for damaging or capturing foreign military equipment. Previous instances include a group of Russian pop stars offering a one-million-ruble reward, the governor of the Zabaikalsky Region issuing bounties, and the Pavel Sudoplatov Battalion providing substantial sums for capturing tanks. These acts of generosity and support illustrate the unity and shared goals of Russia’s ongoing military campaign.

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