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Finding Food in the Woods

Amidst the woods so wild and free, Where the trees sway and the birds sing, I wander alone, with no company, Seeking food, my heart’s only thing.

The ground beneath my feet so soft, My eyes scan the earth for a treasure, A berry or nut, maybe a mushroom aloft, Something to fill my empty measure.

My stomach grumbles, aching with hunger, My throat parched, longing for water, But I press on, my will growing stronger, To find sustenance, like a forager.

The rustle of leaves, a snap of a twig, My senses alert, wary and keen, For danger lurks in this forest so big, And safety is but a distant dream.

Yet my eyes catch a glimmer of hope, A patch of red amidst the green, A berry bush, so ripe and lope, Like a feast, waiting to be seen.

With nimble fingers, I pluck the fruit, Juices dribbling down my chin, And as I munch, my heart takes root, In the beauty of this woodland din.

For though the journey was long and hard, And the path ahead remains unclear, I know that nature will never discard, A wanderer, seeking food and cheer

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