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Exposing Censorship and Surveillance: Inside the Biden Administration’s Crackdown on Online Speech

Discover the shocking revelations of newly released documents exposing the Biden administration’s role in censorship and surveillance of online speech. Uncover the collusion between government agencies and tech giants, and the attempts to sabotage public records requests. Read on to understand the implications of these actions on freedom of expression and democratic values.

In a troubling turn of events, recently released emails have shed light on the inner workings of the Biden administration regarding online speech and their stance on what they consider to be “misinformation.” These revelations point to a disturbing trend of censorship and surveillance, which raises concerns about the erosion of democratic values in the digital age. This article delves into the newly uncovered documents, highlighting the collusion between government agencies and tech giants and their efforts to stifle transparency.

Unveiling Collusion and Sabotage

The documents in question pertain to September last year when journalists and civil rights advocates sought to investigate the role of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in social media censorship. This inquiry revealed a disconcerting collaboration between government agencies and privately-owned tech giants. Rather than embracing transparency and acknowledging the public’s right to information, the government, through the Department of Justice (DoJ), embarked on a mission to impede these investigative efforts.

Slowing Down the Release of Public Records

The method employed by the DoJ was to deliberately delay the release of public records concerning the government’s involvement in online censorship. The latest revelations focus on the activities of the DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) and the role of Kate Starbird, a professor at the University of Washington and member of the CISA advisory panel. Starbird was involved in “moderating” content on Twitter and Facebook, effectively engaging in censorship.

Instead of providing the requested information, Assistant US Attorney Annalisa Cravens from the Western District of Washington emailed Starbird, stating that the CISA had informed them about the requests. The email further expressed the need for an extension to review the records and consider potential legal action to prevent disclosure.

Government’s Power Play

This incident not only underscores the immense power the government has granted itself to control online content, particularly of political nature but also reveals its attempts to downplay its involvement. By interfering with public records requests, the Biden administration seeks to minimize public awareness of its actions, leaving us questioning the true extent of its interference in the flow of information.

Implications for Freedom of Expression

The Biden administration’s actions have far-reaching implications for freedom of expression and democratic values. The government’s ability to arbitrate what content people can access online raises concerns about the erosion of fundamental rights. When political discourse is subjected to censorship and surveillance, the foundation of an open and transparent society is compromised.

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