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2 Russian Embassy Staffers Dead In ‘Suicide Explosion’

Suicide Explosion at russian embassy in kabul claims 2 lives

An explosion occurred outside of the Russian diplomatic embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Monday, killing a large number of people, including 2 Russian Embassy Staffers in a ‘Suicide Explosion’, according to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to reports from the local media, a suicide bomber exploded the vest around the bend from the security gate of the Russian consulate. The apparent objective of the attack was a line of residents waiting to obtain visas.

According to Al Jazeera, the number of fatalities has reached 25, and many more people have been injured.

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Two Russian Embassy Staffers Dead In ‘Suicide Explosion’ – Russian Embassy

According to a source who spoke with the RIA-Novosti news agency, the explosion took place when a worker from the embassy stepped outside to speak with individuals who were waiting in line.

According to a previous story by Real News Cast, security officers at the site were able to locate the suicide bomber and open fire on him.

Following the event, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov stated that extra Afghan counterintelligence and intelligence troops have been placed in the Kabul embassy, which has resulted in increased security levels.

Lavrov continued by saying, “Let’s hope that the organizers and the culprits of this terrorist assault suffer prompt and due punishment.”

Since the Taliban assumed power in Afghanistan one year ago, only a few countries have kept any embassy in Kabul open. Russia is one of the few countries that has done so.

Moscow has been in negotiations with the organization on an agreement to sell gasoline and other goods to the region, which has been punished with heavy international sanctions; nevertheless, Moscow has not formally recognized the Taliban regime as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

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