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Moscow Escalates its Attacks on Civilian Targets

According to the United Kingdom’s defense ministry, Russia has increased the scope of its assaults on civilian areas within Ukraine over the last week and is expected to target further locations.

After suffering a string of military defeats in Ukraine, this same Russian army is looking to bolster its ranks and is giving a monthly stipend of $2,700 as an incentive.

Even when hundreds of corpses are taken from freshly found burial sites in the Ukrainian village of Izyum, residents continue their hunt for relatives among the remains of the deceased.

In the Donetsk area, where deadly combat is still going on, Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko reported that 5 people had been killed in strikes by Russian troops during the course of the previous day.

After the release of a video showing violence in the middle of the captured city of Kherson, both Ukraine & Russia have accused each other of inciting the fighting.

The most recent developments are as follows:

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