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Ukraine is using the US playbook to confront Russia

CNN said that Ukraine is using the US playbook. Retired military leaders have also said that the strategy calls for “total defense,” in which both the military and the public participate.

According to a CNN article from this past Saturday, Ukraine has been depending on a US-developed strategy that calls for both army and public participation in defensive measures in its battle with Russians.

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In reaction to Russia’s battle with Georgia around 2008, the Resistance Operations Concepts (ROC) was created around 2013. This same ROC is meant to serve as a guide for smaller governments to oppose stronger powers. The “almost bloodless” reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014 “dumbfounded Ukrainians as well as the West,” according to CNN, and only served to strengthen ties more.

The ROC is “an imaginative and unorthodox strategy to combat and overall defense,” which not only directs the conduct of the Ukrainian armed forces but also those of the general populace.

“It’s all hands on deck in respect of the overall defense for the administration of Ukrainians,” said former Lieutenant. Gen. Mark Schwartz, who oversaw Special Operations Command Europe at the concept’s inception. To undermine the Russian Federation army, “they’re trying every tool and even quite unusual tactics.”

What the desire to fight and the desire to resist could do, Schwartz noted, was “simply remarkable to witness… notwithstanding the enormous amount of lives lost and sacrifice.”

Former military officer Kevin D. Stringer, who oversaw the ROC’s development team, said that explosions at Russian military sites in Crimea early in August were evidence that perhaps the ROC was in play. These facilities were located away from the front lines zone in Donbas.

While Ukrainian authorities never admitted responsibility, CNN claimed to have seen a document from their government proving Kiev’s guilt.

Moscow claimed an accident caused the explosions at its Saki airport in southwestern Crimea, whereas an “act of sabotage” occurred at an ammo stockpile in the northern part of Crimea.

Stringer explained Kiev’s reported actions by stating that “because they can’t do that normally, they would deploy special operations troops, and all those [troops] would still need strong support” (information, finances, logistical).

Completely peaceful forms of civil disobedience under the ROC encompass things like event boycotts, worker strikes, and even humor as a political tool. Molotov cocktails, arson, and poisoning gas tanks are all examples of violent acts that fall under the umbrella term of “sabotage.”

Special Operations Center Europe spokesperson Nicole Kirschmann said that at minimum 15 countries had got training in the Pentagon’s resistance concept during the previous decade.

Not everyone can use this application. It’s being adapted to fit the specific needs of each country’s people, economy, and topography. According to CNN’s report, several countries have expressed interest in joining the ROC. Among them are Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland.

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