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“We’ll have more coming,” says Premier, who is considering issuing rebate cheques to combat rising prices

Manitobans could get additional rebate checks to help with inflation.

Premier Heather Stefanson announced a minimum wage rise Thursday.

“Our government is ready to help. To reduce these risks, “announced Stefanson.

The premier said it’s possible to mail Manitobans inflation checks.

Stefanson: “We’ve done a lot.” “We understand there are higher inflationary pressures, so I’ve said we’re looking at what we can do to increase affordability. More is coming. More will come in the coming weeks.”

Statistics Canada reported Tuesday that Canada’s year-over-year inflationary rate dropped to 7.6% in July, led by lower gas costs.

Premier Heather Stefanson announced a minimum wage rise Thursday. (From Manitoba)

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