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Is there a day of mourning for the Queen in Canada?

The government has declared September 19th to be a day for federal workers in observance of Queen Elizabeth‘s burial. Whether or not other provinces provide holidays is up to them.

Federally regulated businesses including banks and airlines were excluded from Ottawa’s holiday mandate. These sectors may but are not required to, follow the government’s lead.

The Canadian Bankers Association has announced that Canadian banks would be closed for business as usual on Monday to commemorate a minute of silence.

Roughly eighty-five to ninety per cent of Canada’s workforce is governed by provincial governments. Listed below are the ceremonies that have been planned per province to honour the Queen’s passing. An Acronym for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Queen Elizabeth II will be honoured with a one-time official holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador on Monday.

Schools and government buildings throughout the province will be closed. All other companies and institutions are not obligated to shut down or observe the day as a holiday.

In a press release, the provincial administration invited businesses and other groups to celebrate the monarchy in whatever way was most convenient for them.

Atlantic Province of Nova Scotia

A provincial holiday will be observed in Nova Scotia on September 19.

Schools and government buildings will be closed, but essential services like healthcare will remain open.

On Sunday, at 2 p.m. local time, the Cathedral Church of All Saints in Halifax will host a memorial service that is open to people of all faiths. It will be broadcast live on the official Facebook and YouTube channels for the province administration.

Atlantic Province of New Brunswick

It has been decided to declare a brief provincial holiday in New Brunswick in honour of the passing of Queen Victoria. Every public institution, including schools, will be closed today.

Visitors to Government House and the Fredericton assembly may sign books of condolence. Digital signatures are also welcome.

Island of Prince Edward

According to a Tuesday government announcement, all provincially regulated employees in Prince Edward Island will be given the day off on September 19.

The government and schools will be closed today.

There will be a ceremony in St. Peter’s Church in Charlottetown at 2 p.m. local time, and it will be broadcast live online.


Premier François Legault of Quebec has said that a day of memorial would be held, but no official holiday will be declared.


According to the office of Premier Doug Ford, the day will not be a statutory holiday but rather a “day of grief” in Ontario.

All Ontarians will have the chance to ponder Queen Elizabeth II’s extraordinary life and her unwavering dedication to duty and service. According to a statement sent to CBC, Ford’s spokeswoman Ivana Yelich stated, “It also permits children to be in school learning about the numerous accomplishments the Queen made to the people of Ontario.”

On the day of the funeral, Ontarians are asked to pause for a minute of silence at 1 p.m. ET.


In its place, the government of Manitoba has declared a “day of mourning,” rather than a regular holiday.

State agencies that aren’t absolutely necessary to run the country will be shut down. There will be no closure of schools, but students and teachers are asked to pause for a minute of reflection.

At the provincial legislature, there will be a 21-gun salute, followed by 96 rounds fired, one for each year of the Queen’s reign.

There will be a memorial ceremony conducted at Winnipeg’s St. John’s Anglican Cathedral at 7 p.m.

Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach, and Thompson all have guest books where people may express their sympathies.

Unfortunately, the province of Saskatchewan will not be observing a day of mourning for the late monarch.

Instead, a “day of honour and remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II” will be held, as announced in an official government press release.

At 7 p.m. tonight, local time, St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Regina will host a memorial service.

The provincial legislature, municipal halls in Regina and Saskatoon, and the lieutenant governor’s website will all have guestbooks for people to sign to express their sympathies.


The province of Alberta has announced a “provincial day of sorrow” in honour of the Queen’s passing. There won’t be a day off from work for this.

At 10 a.m., Edmonton’s Legislative Building will host an outdoor celebration. First, there will be a minute of quiet.

Canada will observe a national day of mourning on September 19 in honour of the Queen’s passing.
According to a government statement, schools and businesses are invited to observe their own minutes of quiet and provide any accommodations for personnel who want to honour the death of Her Majesty.

Condolence books are available for signing in the provincial legislature as well as other provincial facilities, as well as online.

In the province of British Columbia

The provincial government of British Columbia has confirmed that it would provide its workers with a vacation in observance of the federal holiday.

Employers in the private sector are urged to observe the day in a manner “suitable for their workers,” according to an official government announcement.

There will be no schooling in the province today.

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